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Storing Dishes: Tips & Tricks

If you've recently acquired a new collection of dishes that may not be in immediate use but could come in handy later, or if you're contemplating an upgrade and need to stow away your current ones, consider using a storage unit. This facility offers a sanctuary for your dishes, shielded from curious kids or pets.

First Steps: Clean and Decide

Determine which dishes you'll genuinely use in the foreseeable future and which ones might be better off donated or discarded. This approach not only declutters but also helps you save on storage space and, by extension, cost. Before packing, ensure each dish is free from any food particles and cleaned meticulously. Leftovers can attract mold and tarnish.

Position Dishes Strategically

Always load your dishes last, ensuring they're at the forefront of your storage space. This gives you easy access whenever required. Recognizing the fragility of dishes, it's prudent to keep them atop other items that you might not require frequently.

Pack with Care and Label Clearly

Should you decide against procuring new cartons, bolster the ones you have to ensure they provide ample protection. Fortify the edges and corners with sturdy packing tape. Introduce a cushioning layer at the base of the box using crumpled newspapers, a gentle fabric, or bubble wrap. This minimizes potential damage from unforeseen jolts. As a rule of thumb, avoid overcrowding a box, wrap each dish separately, and remember to place heavier items at the base. Store glasses and mugs upside down, padding their interiors. Fill any remaining voids in the box with more cushioning material, leaving a slight space on top for an extra layer of protection. Mark all boxes containing dishes as "fragile" to alert anyone handling them to exercise caution.

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