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Guide to Safely Storing Books in a Storage Facility

Storage facilities offer an ideal solution for safeguarding your cherished books. However, preserving their pristine condition requires following certain steps. In this guide, we break down the best practices to ensure your books stay safe in storage.

Briefly, the five pivotal measures include:

Selecting an Appropriate Storage Facility

To truly safeguard your books, the storage unit's quality is paramount. Avoid units with vulnerabilities to leakages, as moisture can devastate your collection. Direct sunlight exposure is another concern; therefore, consider units that offer shade. Units with climate control help maintain consistent conditions, keeping dampness at bay.

Investing in Premium Packing Materials

Never compromise on the packaging. Utilizing subpar boxes risks compromising the safety of your collection, especially when stacking. Durable plastic containers are recommended but should be verified as clean and moisture-free before use.

Ensuring Your Books are Clean and Aired

Prior to packing, it's vital to eliminate any potential contaminants. Mold, residue, or any liquid can worsen over time in storage. Let your books breathe before packing to reduce potential moisture-related issues.

Positioning Books Vertically During Storage

Align your books vertically, emulating a bookshelf. This orientation helps maintain their structure. Be mindful not to overcrowd them, which might stress the book spines.

Consulting Experts for Rare or Antique Books

While the aforementioned measures can suffice for most books, antiques may demand additional care. Engaging a specialist can provide tailored advice, like individual paper wrapping or specialized packing techniques. At the very least, securing a climate-controlled unit is crucial for antiques.

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