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Guide to Safely Store Your Clothes Washer in Self-Storage

If you've landed on this article, chances are you're seeking guidance on preserving a clothes washer in self-storage. Well, you've come to the right corner of the internet! Here's a concise guide that unveils five essential steps for safeguarding your laundry machine.

Step 1: Activate a Cleaning Cycle

Begin by operating your washer in its regular cleaning mode. For machines with temperature settings, infuse cold water with a spoonful of vinegar. Adjust the temperature to a moderate warmth and let it work for a brief moment. However, if your washer lacks this feature, blend lukewarm water with a spoonful of white vinegar and engage in a standard cycle. This step ensures that your machine, including its drainage system, is free from residual detergent or dirt. Post this, drain out the water, and deactivate the machine. Leave its door ajar for a day to completely dry the insides.

Step 2: Detach All Connections

Upon ensuring dryness, power off the machine and unplug its cord. Next, shut off and remove the water supply hoses from the machine, using tools if necessary. For the drainage component, ensure it's free of water and then unhook it. You have the option to either leave the hose attached to the machine or, if you're confident, disconnect it entirely.

Step 3: External Cleaning

Once all connections are removed, take a soft cloth and wipe down the washer's exterior, eliminating any dirt or grime. Don't forget the machine's underside; you can either tilt the machine or employ a vacuum. Collect all disconnected parts in a container and nest it inside the machine or affix it atop the washer with adhesive tape. This keeps everything handy for future setups.

Step 4: Ensure All Ends Are Fastened

With the power and drainage cords loose, attach them to the washer's rear using tape for safety. Furthermore, consult your machine's user guide for advice on stabilizing the drum for safe transportation.

Step 5: Relocation and Stowing:

With everything set, rope in an expert or ask a friend to assist you. Using a trolley, transport the washer to your storage space. Ensure the chosen storage is clean, and always position the washer upright during storage.

In conclusion, following these steps ensures your washing machine remains in optimal condition, even in storage.

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